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Ecstasy and Me: My Life As A Woman Hedy Lamarr

Ecstasy and Me: My Life As A Woman

Hedy Lamarr

256 pages
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 About the Book 

This book is not only atrociously written, it is also riddled with fiction. Miss Lamarr, whose autobiography this book purports to be, always vehemently denied the validity of the books content. In fact, she sued the publisher and ghostwriters for libel. Lamarr had unfortunately trusted that the ghostwriters, Leo Guild and Cy Rice, would do an admirable job with her story and signed off on the completed manuscript without having actually read it. Instead of any normal biography, what she received was a garbled mixture of bad grammar, incoherent narrative, and thinly-veiled male sexual fantasies dreamed up by the ghostwriters in order to boost sales. It is so poorly written that it is almost impossible to read- and actually doing so is a complete waste of time. Fortunately, there have recently been two actual biographies published that do the actress more justice-both published posthumously. But one cant help but wonder what might have come out of an actual collaboration with the woman herself and what stories have passed forever into obscurity.